Shooting Targets

Re-Nine Safety Target Cones and Silhouette Targets work together creating a stand-alone target system. This system also acts as a stand for other shooting targets.

Target Cones:

Target Cones come folded flat and interlock into a stand-alone target. Bottom flaps interlock creating a place for a hold-down weight to stabilize the target. Target Cones have preprinted targets along with sign flaps to hold other targets, also works great with self-adhesive targets, allowing for continued use.

Silhouette Targets:

Designed to work with Target Cones securely interlocking together creating a larger Target System. Silhouettes are 18? x 30? and work well with other target stands and target hangers. Silhouettes are preprinted with bullseye targets and feature several sign flaps to hold other targets in a variety of sizes.

Target Cones Can be used alone and with other Targets
Silhouette Targets can be used with Target Cones and other Target Holders
Place Hold Down Weight on Bottom Flaps
Use Sign Flaps to Hold Other Targets