Safety Cones with Caution Tape – Concrete Pour
Blue Sky at the Shooting Range

Safety Cones

Disposable Safety Cones for temporary one-time use.

Designed to be used as a Sign holder and to secure lengths of Caution Tape.

Fold Flat, Stackable, Bottom Flaps allow placement of hold-down weight making them very stable.

Shooting Targets

Silhouette Targets are designed to securely attach to Target Cones, can be used with other holders, and to hold other paper targets.

Target Cones form the base and can be used alone, with the Silhouette Target as shown and to hold other targets.

Re-Nine Safety Manufactures Safety Cones and Shooting Targets.

Our safety cones are primarily designed for temporary one-time use. They can also be used as temporary sign holders.  Disposable Safety Cones are ideal to avoid return trips just to pick up cones.  This saves time and money.  

We have also adapted the design into Target Cones.   These work well as free-standing targets and as target holders for other printed targets.

Read the story. Discover how Lee started Re-Nine Safety when he was still in high school.

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